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Our primary objective at XGP is to provide our customers with a reliable service and a quality product with 100% satisfaction


We have a variety of standardized log formats and reports.  Each log includes complete geological descriptions and sample pictures, including UV pictures of shows.

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XGP offers a variety of log format options to meet your specific needs.  Measured Depth Log

  • our standard mud log 

  • includes:

    • ROP,

    • Lithology,

    • Total gas/Chromatograph (C1-nC5) readings,

    • connections,

    • abbreviated rig data,

    • survey data, and

    • an imported gamma ray log (if available) 

  • comes in a standard 5"/100' log scale with an option of 1" or 2" log scales for correlating.


True Vertical Depth log

By importing survey data, XGP can convert the MD mud log into a 5"/100' TVD mud log which is useful in determining the actual thickness and depth of a formation, as well as correlating with older straight hole logs.

Horizontal formatted log

can include the plan wellbore path to the actual, as well as incorporate pictures of samples or log images of type logs.


Merge Log

XGP has created this unique log to better serve you. By importing resistivity, porosity, Pe, permeability, and other openhole log or petrophysical data deemed applicable with the mud log, we create a more complete and accurate picture of the well.


The Mud Logging Report shows current well data, hydrocarbon shows of the previous 24 hours, max gas show of the previous 24 hours, lithology, latest survey data, average statistics, current drilling parameters, bit information, picture of last sample, and current mud information to include fluid loss.  This report has been formatted to be easy to read and find pertinent information.  

The Formation Tops Report compares the projected tops to the actual tops while drilling vertical or directional hole.  This is particularly useful when drilling directional holes (i.e. sump) to visualize structure.  


The Hydrocarbon Show Report is a report used to identify, accurately and completely, the best shows of the previous 24 hours.  This report gives a high degree of detail about the shows.  

Each report is included on all packages and can be tailored to perfectly meet your needs.


Geo Steering

Keeping you on target. Maximizing every foot.

XGP utilizes our knowledge and experience to provide the highest quality data helping our customers remain in formation and maximize the target interval on their wells.  We have developed methods to accurately identify and differentiate specific litho-facies in the cuttings, geochemical data, as well as petrophysical data.  We assess all data available and pay attention to the details to help predict geological structure and maintain a smoother wellbore.

Included in the GeoSteering package are wellbore visualization charts.  These customizable charts help show the wellbore location in the pay zone with correlating gas values.  


Our GeoSteering software gives us the ability to plot your well in a map view , as well as 3D.  This software also allows us to simultaneously steer on both strat-based and model-based. methods.  We are able to utilize all data sets to include seismic data, image logs, all petrophysical log data, XRF, and geochemical data, as well as on-site geological data.  This allows us to identify litho-facies with optimal drilling rates and maximize target exposure with minimal drilling costs.

We are dedicated to helping you succeed in your project, which is why we offer different levels of service based on your needs.  From an on-site liaison carrying out the well plan to overnight relief for your in-house staff, we have an option that's right for you.


“Crown Energy has used XGP Mudlogging and
Geosteering for the past 1 ½ years in drilling horizontal Mississippi wells in Payne County.
The service they have provided has been excellent. The Mud Loggers have been very knowledgeable and
helpful throughout the drilling process.
Their Geosteering has also been excellent. Crown has
not had any problems remaining in zone with XGP
steering the well.
Crown would highly recommend XGP logging services.”

—  Carolton Stringer,

Senior Geologist,  Crown Energy



XGP also offers EDXRF technology for elemental identification as it pertains to seimentary rocks and hydrocarbon reservoirs.  This technology has enhanced our ability to provide our customers with valuable data and a more complete service.  EDXRF has proven value in litho-facie identification and completion planning.

XGP sets the bar higher.


  • We offer a higher quality XRF without sacrificing portability.  Most use oxygen which absorbs the lighter elements, meaning they are never identified.  Our helium purge is able to detect these elements, including sodium and magnesium.

  • We follow standard lab procedures.  We ensure the samples are clean and well below accepted contamination levels. Our equipment is properly calibrated, so your readings are always accurate.

EDXRF can be utilized…

  • During drilling to aid in steering

  • Post well to aid in completion

  • On past wells to gain understanding and assist in future planning

 By integrating mud logging, GeoSteering, and EDXRF data, XGP has the capability to provide more data in a timely manner that can benefit both drilling and completion operations.

Looking for something more?

Just ask!  XGP is able to offer many additional services (i.e. Mass Spec, etc).

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